TSLab - a creative laboratory

TSLab is one of the laboratories at the KTH School of ICT in Kista, Stockholm. It has an international profile and the about 20 faculty members, graduate students, administrative and technical staff members come from a range of different countries. They combine expertise in technology, economy, social science and social behavioural science. The laboratory offers an open and creative environment for research and education. The prime competence is in developing communication systems from a user perspective. Open Communication Architectures serves as a framework on the research side. The education focus is on graduate education, including the Master, Licentiate and PhD levels.

Combines Education, Research and Outreach

The combination of education, research and collaboration with companies and organisations outside the academy is of great importance to TSLab. By mixing these three areas the ambition is to create a front line education and research environment where different disciplines work together and where the user perspective is in constant focus. The TSLab activities take networking technology into people´s homes and everyday life, wherever they are in the world.

Job opportunities at TSLab
Increasing international presence calls for reinforcements of our teaching and web designing staff.

Our expansion on the international arena, including participation in the KTH mission to Pakistan, cooperation with the Ubuntunet Alliance and several African governments on the emerging African communication infrastructure, as well as our involvement in the Stockhom Challenge, calls for a reinforcement of our capacity for teaching as well as web design. We would like to get in contact with teachers having a PhD degree and teaching experience in the Internetworking area and Webmasters experienced in the use of lammpp, open source content management systems, such as drupal, joomla, etc, eLearning portals, such as moodle, etc. Please contact Björn Pehrson via email bjorn@it.kth.se at your earliest convenience. Enclose a detailed CV.

Programmes and Courses

TSLab offers a range of courses within different programmes and master students are welcome to conduct their thesis work in the environment of the lab. The pedagogical model of TSLab actively promotes technology transfer via problem-oriented and project-driven learning in teams. Peer learning and studies of the experiences of previous projects are important features in the teaching and learning model.

Communication Systems Design -
a framework for global development

The Communication Systems Design (CSD) course offers a perfect opportunity to become part of a global network of peers, and to work with "beyond state of the art" technologies under realistic conditions. Around 80 - 100 senior year Master students are accepted every year, coming from KTH and partner universities around the world. The students work in groups of five or six and run their own projects, from research and planning stages to the final presentations and exhibitions, while interacting with the project owner, a multi- disciplinary teaching team and external experts.