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ICT and Communication Systems Design
The Communication System Design course provides a framework for problem-oriented, project-driven learning reinforced by support for Peer Learning and Vicarious Learning. The students work together in small teams (4-6 team members).

Students are recruited from different education programmes to provide different competences and backgrounds to play different roles in the project teams. The prerequisite requirements are a bit different depending what roles they are recruited for.


Roles that can be reguired in the CSD projects include
  • Project owner, principal representing the project owner and project sponsor covering the course fee and the project related costs
  • The team member roles: project manager info master, media content designer, web master, technical design, software developer, hardware developer, system administrator, network designer and administrator.
  • The teaching team roles include examiners, teachers, coaches and expert advisors

    Normally, an individual assumes more than one of the required roles in a specific project, composed according to competence available and work volumes expected.

    Evaluation of competences

    As a student, you should sign for tis course as early as possible, but not until you are prepared to commit to actually taking the course. Due to the nature of the course, in which students have to rely on eachother,we have to check that all participants fulfill the minimum prerequisite requirements. Since the role you can be considered for in the staffing process may depend on skills beyond the mimimum requirements, we need more information than other more conventional courses, both formal merits and informal skills of relevance to the projects.
  • Prerequisite requirements in KTH Programmes

    2G1319Communication Systems Design/DE10-
    2G1321Communication Systems Design/KEL12-
    2G1322Communication Systems Design/MT16-
    2G1711Communication Systems Design/IW12-
    2G1712Communication Systems Design/IW16-
    2G1713Communication Systems Design/IW20-
    2G1741IT Systems Design20-