The educational activities of TSLab are focussed on communication systems, including policy and regulation, technical aspects, how to bring technical solutions to the market and their impact of society. The learning environment emphasises problem-oriented, project driven learning reinforced by support for peer and vicarious learning.

Programmes to which TSLab contributes

Postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate education at KTH includes the Licentiate and the Doctor degrees. The content is tailored individually for each student together with a main and an associate advisor. The accredited main advisor at TSLab currently is Bjorn Pehrson. Accredited associate advisors also include Karl-Johan Grinnemo, Markus Hidell, Bjorn Knutsson and Peter Sjödin. General information is available here

80 hp Master programmes taught in English

These programmes require a Bachelor degree from an approved university and there are specific prerequisite requirements for each programme.
  • Communication Systems, with specialisations
    • Internetworking
    • ICT Entrepreneurship
  • NordSecMob

200 hp Master of Engineering programmes (CivIng), partly taught in Swedish

These programmes recruit students directly from high-school and lead directly to a Master degree in 5 years.