Outreach - TSLab meets the world

  Outreach is one of TSLab´s key words. Working in the real world, globally, is central for both students, researchers and the teachers at the laboratory, to take in relevant problems and to disseminate results. Thus, cooperation with external stakeholders is often organised in capacity building projects which involve teams of faculty members, senior master level and doctorate students, consulting experts, and external project owners, companies and organisations. These projects are often pre-competitive market development activities.

Communication Systems Design

One example of a framework for outreach at the fore front is the Computer Systems Design course (CSD). New partners, themes and principals are always welcome! Download the project principal guidelines and sign up as a project principal at the CSD home page and suggest new target areas. Links to the up coming course offerings are available in the left column of the CSD home page.

Test beds

Another framework for outreach is provided by the TSLab test beds. They facilitate experiments, feasability studies and pilot services involving real users.

Open Source Development projects

Development of more substantial software systems is a framework both for research, education and outreach. TSLab is currently hosting two such projects, Minisip and Oasis.

Stockholm Challenge

Stockholm Challenge is yet another excellent framework for outreach. It offers unique opportunities to create high-quality global networks for development cooperation. The project database is a valuable asset illustrating the development towards the network society and highlighting technical economical and social challenges requiring research and education.