Purchasing process

Rules and Regulations
  1. All purchases must be placed by IT-service. The only exception is when KTH acts as a broker to purchase for a third-party. In this case, the vendors have no obligation to offer the contracted prices and the purchase should be carried out separately (not through IT-service). The third-party pays and owns the product.
  2. All purchases must be done through KTH contracted vendors. WISUM provides prices of equipment from different contracted vendors. However, not all products are shown in WISUM. IT-service can help checking the price with contracted vendors in this case.
  3. You must follow the procurement procedure for all purchases.

Procurement Procedure
All purchasing must follow the following steps:
  1. 1. Fill in a purchase order in this template with the following information:
    • Inköpsbehov: All products you want to buy. You can log in to WISUM, fill in your shopping basket, then copy&paste your basket to the purchase order. If a product does not exist in WISUM, you can put product detail with estimated price.
    • Motivering till inköp: Give explanation of why you want to make this purchase.
    • Beställare: Fill in the your name and telephone number after the date.
    • Inom årets budget?: Is this purchase order within this year budget.
    • Projekt: Fill in number and name of the project which supposes to pay for this purchase
    • Projektledare: Fill in the project owner's name
    • Fakturaadress: Fill in your project owner reference (by replacing <Project_owner_ref> with it)
    • Godkännes / sakattest: Fill in the project owner's name
  2. Get approval from the project owner (signature on the purchase order in hard copy).
  3. In case of purchasing for a third-party, you should give the purchase order to the project owner. The project owner must keep this purchase order. Once the project owner recieves the invoice. The project owner must write down the verification number (verifikationsnummer) on the upper right corner of the purchase order, then scan it and upload it to Agresso as an attachment to this invoice.
  4. If the purchase is for KTH, you can give the approved purchase order to IT-service (contact person at IT-service is Robin Gehrke).