IK223x/2G1021 Master Thesis in Communication Systems at TSLab

The thesis project is the ultimate test for screening Masters from Bachelors. The objective is for the student to demonstrate individual skills acquired during the Master programme applied to solve a reasonably well defined and delimited project during 20 weeks, and then present, demonstrate and defend the results.

  • This website presents general information for master thesis students about how to get started and how to complete the thesis project.
  • The site is also a message board where thesis projects are announced.
  • Students can apply for thesis projects via this site by submitting their CVs and requirements.
  • For examiners and supervisors, this forum facilitates supervision of ongoing thesis projects.
  • This website also serves as a forum for master students who are working with (searching for) a thesis project and/or examiner at TSLab.
  • For information about course goals, expected learning outcome, evaluation and grading, see offical course information

Thesis at Other Department?

Are you a student in Communication Systems, ICT Entrepreneurship, Internetworking or NordSecMob, and would like to do your project at some other department at KTH? That is possible, but before you sign up for a project at another department, the project needs to be approved by your programme director! This is necessary in order to make sure that your project fits within the scope of your programme, and that you can use it for your degree.