Potentiality of Online Tourism Market in Vietnam

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Truong Huu Nhi Bui
Peter Sjodin
Lena Ramfelt
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Vietnam is now considered by international tourists as the new destination of the world” [1] and the Vietnamese government are now seriously determining to lift the industry according to its potential. In that general context, ICT application within tourism obviously can not stand aside. The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has been rated quite high in the report of national ICT Index recently [2]. The index depicts the ICT development and application within the field.

On the other hand, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing in ICT field over South East Asia, with thousands of registered companies operating in software development/outsourcing only. Among that majority, there are some companies going their own ways, trying to develop themselves solutions which answers directly demands from everyday life. Skydoor is an interesting example.

Started up by three enthusiastic young people with ICT backgrounds, Skydoor is a one year old [3] venture which runs an online platform on tourism (www.skydoor.net). This platform is a combination of a web 2.0 application and an information portal. For that reason, it connects people with common interest in tourism and provides them with exciting web facilities and useful information from multiple sources. As immature as Skydoor at the moment, it is standing up with many opportunities as well as against many big challenges. There are two most important steps in a development of a company: starting up and escaping from start-up status. Skydoor has passed the first one. With a completing product and initial steps to raise it up, what else can the company do to attain a sustainable growth in coming years? It requires deep study about the industry as well as the company status to plan for short and long term. 


[1]: http://www.footprintsvietnam.com/Travel_News/September07/Vietnam-Potential-Tourism.htm (last visited 19 November 2008)

[2]: Vietnam ICT Index report for the previous year is published at the end of current year. The data for 2007 will be available at the end of 2008. There is only data for 2006 at the moment. This will be updated as soon as there is latest news.

[3]: Skydoor registered to operate in March 2008, and launched first version of www.skydoor.net in June 2008