Using SCTP on Android Mobile Platform

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Karl-Johan Grinnemo
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Ericsson Research, Kista

Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), specified by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
RFC 4960, is used today for niche applications, mainly for control signaling. However, due to the
number of interesting features, such as stream multiplexing, fail-over and handover mechanisms,
SCTP becomes increasingly attractive as a general purpose transport protocol for applications.

This is the practical work which aims at understanding and evaluation of various possibilities to
enable SCTP as a general purpose transport protocol for applications. One of the major
requirement is careful documentation of the results and different alternatives of using SCTP and
specifically usage of extended API to gain control over application reaction on various network


The proposed project consists of the following working items:

- Studying SCTP protocol based on IETF documents

- Implementing test “client – server” application on a Linux laptop using SCTP socket API

- Extending SSH software (both client and server) with capability running over SCTP protocol

- Configuring an application (of personal choice) to be tunneled over SCTP enabled ssh.

- Enabling SCTP on Android platform with Linux kernel 2.6.2x

- Porting SSH software to Android platform

- Presenting and Demonstrating results

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