PERVASIVE WIRELESS NETWORKING- David Nicolás Ruiz Litwiñski & Victor Miguel Barbero

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The aim of this project is the design and implementation of a pervasive wireless network using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMax wireless access technologies. This project will also delve into economical issues, with an economical study of the implementation and managemente costs.

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21/04 Presentation slides available here

21/04 Modified Final Report document available here

24/03 Whole Final Report document available here

24/03 Radio Interface Simulation document added to Deliverables

20/03 Final Report (Parts 1-5 of 5 parts) document added to Deliverables

05/03 Service, management & TCO analysis document added to Deliverables

18/02 Consideration of Pervasive Seamless Handover Protocol (WiMax-WLAN-Bluetooth) document added to Deliverables

19/01 Pervasive Wireless Network Architecture document added to Deliverables

25/12 Radio Interface document added to Deliverables

22/12 Interaction test document added to Deliverables

22/12 Protocol interoperability study document added to Deliverables

22/11 Radio interference tests start

16/11 Protocol interoperability tests finished

14/11 Pervasive Protocol design starts

13/11 Protocol interoperability study finished

25/10 Protocol interoperability tests start

14/10 Protocol interoperability study starts

14/10 Radio interface study starts

10/10 Final Project Proposal

12/09 Literature study process starts