Thesis projects

Full namesort iconThesis titleProject ownerExaminerPresentation dateStart dateEnd date
Pervasive Wireless NetworkingBjörn Pehrson ---
Sergio Garcia de DiegoISP in a boxBjörn Pehrson ---
Saad RiazKTH Sialkot Björn Pehrson ---
Nikos FotiouWeb Services for mobile phones---
Georgios KaranikasMobile RSS and AJAX---
George KakhadzeThe Wireless Shopping Guide II---
Ankur PundirSecurity Issues in RFIDTerrence Brown ---
Nassif ChaficDDART as General Business Consultancy ToolTerrence Brown ---
Japhet Samson KululyaImplementing Network Access Control and Billing System: ICT4RD network in Tanzania-2011-03-012011-06-30
Maria del Carmen Valero MoratallaCompetitive Analysis on Neuroscience ICT Solutions---
Tamara BengesaiEstablishment of NREN in Zambia---
Sabiha RahmanBusiness plan for portable ISP in BangladeshTerrence Brown ---
Azad AhmedResearch on Swedish IP telephony market---
Dimitrios TsoutsiasAlgorithms for topic search engines---
Magnus KindgrenMail system for Delay Tolerant NetworkingBjörn Knutsson ---
Hervé NtaremeLink Quality measurement for Wireless Sensor Network in outdoor environments2008-10-292008-01-282008-06-30
Payam AghaeipourA wearable Brain-computer Interface Peter Sjödin-2008-03-102008-09-10
Issa NkusiRwednet---
Mohammed IssaOpen Service Interface PortalBjörn Pehrson ---
Benjamin ChinweTrends in Digital MarketingBjörn Pehrson---
Linda MalmqvistTheoretical and applied eLearning in Tanzania-2008-02-01-
oguzhan osman erim, Diana GoldSAP Netweaver influence on development of further SAP business solutionsMark Smith2008-05-162007-12-312008-04-18
Muhammad farooqAre there business opportunities for Scandinavian IT service companies in Pakistan-Case ITUM?Muhammad FarooqBjörn Pehrson2008-02-212007-07-162008-01-15
Arash HooshmandAutomatic Image Classification Using Content Based Image RetrievalBjörn Pehrson ---
Diana Gold -2008-05-162007-12-012008-04-11
xiaoyan fanA new service of Promotheo:MapYourPet GPS unitMark T.Smith-2008-02-26-
Xinglong MaiBluetooth-Driven Information Kiosk Business Opportunity DDATR Assessment on Southwest Chinese MarketBjörn Pehrson 2008-02-21--
Timothy AkujuaobiModularization of Routing ProtocolsKTH TSLabMarkus Hidell-2008-04-142008-08-29
Oluwakemi AbiolaTrends in Promoting Online Presence (A case of Small and Medium Size Businesses) Terrence Brown ---
Asif YaseenBranchless Banking Model for Delivering Microfinance Services in Pakistan2008-04-022007-07-232007-12-14
Ali Turab RizviStrategic Outlook of European CPE MarketTerrence Brown 2007-06-182006-11-132007-05-18
Erik, Joakim Lönnbark, SlettengrenIMS application strategies for an Asian operator---
Salman AfzalICT Market Analysis - PakistanTerrence Brown ---
Emanuel FratiniBusiness Plan developmentEmanuel Fratinibjorn Pehrsson-2007-09-032008-05-30
Gary MacRitchieIntellectual Property Rights in small Information & Communication Technology start-upsTerrence Brown ---
Per-Henrik StenlundRace Tracker - Ett system för att via web följa position och puls i nära realtid---
Ulf AugustssonUtvärdering av bredbandsutbyggnaden i Kungälvs kommuns glesbygd---
Thomas Andersson, Gustavo af Sillén de MesquitaMoRENet - Mozambique Research and Education NetworkMinistry of Science and Technology MozambiqueBjörn Pehrson2008-08-112007-05-052008-08-20
Mikael SvenssonPrevent VoIP Spam using Up-Cross-Down Certificate ValidationBjörn Pehrson ---
Thomas GothelfMobile TV advertisement - opportunities for the operator Terrence Brown ---
María Fernanda Ardila MejíaSecure file transfer for SIP User Agents---
Tomas SisohoreStreaming media(HTTP media stream) traffic measurementsPeter Sjödin ---
Arshad Mehrab MemonEvaluation & Implementation of Open Source IP TelephonyPeter Sjödin ---
Rajabu KitindiEnd users Capacity Building, Supporting, Network Management and Security Implementation.2008-06-302008-01-052008-06-10
Kaiyu LiuThe role of Interactive Content-based Image Retrieval in the Internet search market?Terrence Brown ---
Mohammad Badiul IslamFederated Meta Data for next Generation Web ServicesTN20 Inc.Björn Knutsson2008-12-172008-02-182008-06-12
Sanjay RajwaniExploring Different Possibilities for DoD Mobile ClientPeter Sjödin-2008-03-182008-08-25
Leonard James NgelejaE-Business Solution for Microfinance Institutions in Tanzaniabjorn-2008-01-152007-06-15
Antonio RamirezCyber Security Analysis for Data Networks in Process Industry PlantsPöyry Telecom OyMarkus Hidell2008-06-262008-02-042008-06-20
Stavros KafourosEvaluation of MDA techniques for the extension of legacy real-time systems2010-04-162009-10-192010-03-26
Victor DuranDistributed Storage Framework2009-02-192007-03-142007-09-14
Nikolaos NouchtasModernize the IT infrastructure of a public organization: Moving to a sophisticated Data-Center-2008-04-012008-09-01
Zhao HanboEmerging Business Models of the Mobile Internet MarketMarkus Hidell2008-06-052008-01-212008-06-30
Suba FilipSecurity in Applications of Internet Identification and Authorization Standards2008-06-052008-02-112008-06-27
Ergawy AmrSupporting Privacy and Confidentiality in Publish/Subscribe Middleware for Ubiquitous ComputingHelsinki Institute of Information TechnologyPeter Sjödin-2008-01-212008-06-30
Joseph Vimal ArulappanBusiness Models and Revenue Sources for AdBoard 2007-12-03--
Blerta BishajEfficient Leap of Faith Security with Host Identity ProtocolAntti Ylä-Jääski, Peter Sjödin-2008-02-012008-07-31
Ramm ChristofferConnecting Nyeri2008-04-042003-08-252008-03-31
Eneas HunguanaVirtualized Routing: Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Linux-Based Virtual Router Platform Peter Sjödin-2008-02-012008-06-13
Dan KopparhedA Secure Model for Certificate Distribution and Management for Dynamic Access ControlBjörn Pehrson 2007-11-052007-05-022007-11-05
Pontus Hagman----
Ali MuradPerformance Evaluation of an Open Source Multicast RouterProf. Björn Pehrson-2009-08-032010-06-15
Jumanne Africa BwamkuuCommercializing the broadband services provisioning in Rural Tanzania; a case study of Wami Broadband project2009-09-022008-01-01-
Samuel NdaulaA critical look into the Business Models that have been proposed by previous CSD teams for commercializing Bifrost in AfricaProf. Björn Pehrson2009-05-292009-01-122009-05-29
Margareth Samwel MbwanaCapacity Building of ICT in Education for Rural Areas - A case study of Lugoba Secondary School in Tanzania2010-09-222009-07-082009-11-30
Waqas DaarDistribution Agnostic Video ServerUniversity of Trento, ItalyMarkus Heidel2010-05-172008-11-032009-04-30
Asim ShahzadStudy of LIKIR,Licha and improving Licha; New paradigme of Version Control using LIKIRUniversity of Trento, ItalyMarkus Hidell-2008-11-30-
Wu JingCLI Detecting System for International Calls2009-11-102009-02-262009-07-28
Adnan ZameerValuation Query Service for Real Estate MarketPredEx ABPeter Sjödin-2009-01-122009-06-10
Validation of Reliable Communication in Challenged EnvironmentMarkus Hidell-2009-02-052009-06-30
Cost Effective Bandwidth Management and Optimization System: A Case of Hawassa UniversityBjörn Pehrson-2009-01-122009-06-12
Fida Talha BinSeamless MIPv6 Mobility in Mobile WiMAX2009-12-182009-01-152009-07-15
Inter WiFi Access Point Seamless Mobility-2009-04-012009-09-30
Mudassar Ahmad MughalDynamic Stitching Framework for NextShareB2009-11-162009-02-23-
Gökhan DoganAn E-Marketing Plan For FORTEKS AB: A Hands-On Approach-2009-01-292009-06-05
Flutra OsmaniExperimental Framework for BitTorrent Mainline DHT network2009-10-022009-03-152009-09-30
Radoslaw KozlowskiPerformance Management of a Multi-Tiered Distributed ApplicationBjörn Knutsson-2008-01-212008-07-31
Gang ZhangIP Architectures for Object Routing and Delay tolerant network2009-10-132009-02-012009-10-01
Inter WiFi Access Point Seamless Mobility-2009-05-012009-09-30
Viktor MatssonEye-tracking för synfelsdiagnostisering av barn2008-12-032008-06-092008-11-23
Rickard VestermarkMinimizing delay for VoIP in the IP Multimedia SubsystemEricsson Mobile PlatformsPeter Sjödin-2008-01-282008-06-16
Gabriela Limon GarciaA study in capacity and characteristics requirements for IPSec usage in a telecom grade large-scale RANPeter Sjodin, Antti Ylä-Jääski-2008-02-012008-06-30
Lukas GrimforsSecurity Mechanism PatternsPeter Sjödin2008-07-282008-01-282008-07-31
Abdullah Al HasibDesign and implement the Packet Level Authentication (PLA) using hash chains and other lightweight crypto techniques---
Pern Hui ChiaSecure Software Installation through Social RatingPeter Sjödin-2008-02-012008-06-30
Alexandros StergiakisCLI Configuration Mechanism for Embedded Network DevicesAlexandros StergiakisPaul Pop, Markus Hidell2008-06-302008-01-012008-06-30
Syed Md. Ashraful KarimSimulation of a New Security Elements in an Ad-hoc Network -2008-01-152008-06-30
Guillem CabreraSecure High Definition VideoconferencingBjörn Pehrson2008-06-182008-02-062008-06-23
Analysis of Critical Success Factors of Location-based servicesBjörn Knutsson-2006-02-012009-07-03
Truong Huu Nhi BuiPotentiality of Online Tourism Market in VietnamTruong Huu Nhi Bui Peter Sjodin-2009-01-192009-06-06
pejman dashtinejadSmartphone hacking 2009-01-152008-06-242009-01-05
Design and carry out lay out a B2C platform shift from a C2C online shop in niche market in China.Zhang WeiyaLena Ramfelt 2009-08-252009-01-052009-06-15
Tumwesige MujwauziFacilitating e-government by promoting use of broadband services in rural areas: a case of Bunda and Serengeti, Tanzania.2009-05-152008-12-082009-05-08
Internet banking comparison between china and sweden with a reflection on Chinese internet banking ---
Athanasios FlorosAdvanced Routing Protocol for SunSPOTs-2009-01-262009-06-14
Dimitrios TsompanidisDesign and implementation of a testbed for network hardware ---
Transitioning to IPv6 in Telecommunication Company: A Diffusion of Innovation ApproachLeonard Chijioke RaphaelMonica Lindgren2010-09-202010-09-142010-08-13
Markus NorellBitTorrent File Server---
Abul Ahsan Md. Mahmudul HaqueInterconnecting Home Networks using Embedded Controllers-2008-01-282008-06-30
Fast Search for Similar Images in a Large Database Similar to Google Video Search Engine MethodOculus AI2010-08-152010-02-012010-07-01
Deepak PrabhakaraWeb Applications Security – A security model for client-side web applicationsPeter Sjödin, Svein Knapskog-2008-01-142008-06-16
Niklas BackDesigning and implementing an interconnection framework for GPS producer and consumer modules 2009-05-202008-06-022008-10-31
Petter LindgrenIMS: Diameter application for the Sh interfacePeter Sjödin-2008-06-092008-10-31
Stavros BilisMarketing Strategy and B2C Market Launch of BaQup™ ,Byteactive AB2009-06-172009-02-022009-06-17
Maksym ChornyyAdoption of the e-Learning system in the Ukrainian Universities2009-01-262008-10-012009-01-19
Employing Ethernet Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol in an OpMiGua networkPeter Sjodin-2010-01-122010-06-11
Jawad HussainNAT Traversal analysis in P2P networks and their impact on P2P-TVJawad HussainMarkus Hiddel-2008-11-302009-05-31
Jorge SainzAccess Control Integration on NextShare-2009-01-22-
Ravishankar BorgaonkarAnatomy of a BotnetPeter Sjödin-2009-01-222009-06-30
, Sara DarKademlia Protocol AnalyzerSara DarBjörn Knutsson2010-09-282010-01-12-
Business planning and e-commerce web portalKhizer Jalal2010-08-172010-02-022010-07-30
Malik Zahid Hanif TiwanaCARENET RwandaMalik Zahid Hanif TiwanaBjorn Pehrson2010-06-302010-01-012010-06-30
Meraldina Paula MazivelaMaputo Gigabit Network (MaGNet)2010-06-302010-01-012010-06-30
Georgios CheimonidisUsing SCTP on Android Mobile PlatformEricsson ResearchKarl-Johan Grinnemo-2010-02-012010-07-31
Nazim OztahtaciAutomation of Transforming Logic Expressions to SoP and Factorizing Them to Original FormScania CV ABKarl-Johan Grinnemo2010-06-292010-02-012010-06-30
, Sharjeel AhmedLive Trafik: Real Time Traffic Information of SwedenSharjeel AhmedBjörn Knutsson-2010-02-082010-08-30
Chen JiaweiEnergy Efficient BitTorrent Client for Mobile PlatformTKK TML LabBjörn Knutsson-2010-01-202010-06-30
Kidist WondemuStarting an ICT business incubator in Ethiopia---
Yanggratoke RerngvitGPU Network ProcessingEricsson ResearchProf. Peter Sjödin-2010-01-202010-06-30
Leonard RaphaelA Business Case on Quadruple-Play: Strategies, Business Models, Market Oportunities, Challenges and Best Practices.Leonard Raphael2010-01-152009-06-012009-12-11
Joakim LagerqvistLinking end-users to Sting NetworksSting Networks ABPeter Sjödin-2009-05-272009-11-20
Ju LiuAnalysis and implementation of a constrained path computation algorithm in a multi-layer networkAcreo AB-2009-02-222009-07-18
Parth Ileshkumar AminPerformance analysis and enhancements of packet forwarding in LTEProfessor Jens Zander2009-05-262009-02-022009-08-31
Josée BUTERA AKAYEZUA Sustainable Business Model for RwEdNet, the Rwanda National Research and Education NetworkProf. Björn Pehrsson2010-06-302010-01-012010-06-30
Alexandre BartelComparison of Open Source Intrusion Detection SystemsPeter Sjödin-2007-08-162010-02-26
Vojislav MarinkovicAutomatic media transcoding based on device capabilities-2009-10-122010-03-15
Improving CSD's Project ManagementBjorn Pehrson2011-03-232010-10-012011-03-21
Pastrama AlinIntegration of MANTYCHORE and GSNNORDUnet A/SPeter Sjödin-2011-02-152011-08-15
Grinnemo Karl-JohanDesign of a Session Layer Protocol as a Generic Applications Support for SCTP MobilityPeter SjödinPeter Sjödin-2010-09-132011-03-14
Shan Li, Mengjie WangSweden Fiber Optics Market ReasearchBearing-ConsultingBjörn Knutsson2010-11-242010-03-222010-10-31
Wannasai YannarakAnonymizer API’s for OtaSizzle Platform-2010-01-182010-06-30
, Sebastian DomancichSecurity in Delay Tolerant Networks: An Android ImplementationProfessor Bjorn Pehrson & Professor Antti Ylä-2010-01-202010-06-14
Quaresma JoseProtocol Implementation GeneratorPeter Sjödin-2010-02-012010-06-30
Saad Garcia IsmaelExploring Mainline DHT: an experimental approachBjörn Knutsson2010-11-052010-01-112010-11-05
Gong YiA Flexible Simulation Framework for Hierarchical Clustering on Wireless Sensor NetworksTKK TML labMarkus Hidell-2010-01-112010-06-15
Bugiel SvenUsing TCG/DRTM for application-specific credential storage and usePeter Sjödin-2010-01-112010-06-25
Mozhgan MahlooPeer to Peer based video service delivery in access network2010-09-132010-01-12-
Ahmad RajaEnergy Efficient Terminal based Holistic Shaping of Multi-flow TCP TrafficPeter Sjödin-2010-02-012010-06-30
Akunna Udochukwu, Mathew EhiwereDesign of a Test Bed For HD Video conference ClientsKTH/ICT/ECS/TSLab Thomas Lindh-2010-04-262010-08-06
Fast Initial Authentication: a New Mechanism to Enable Fast WLAN MobilityNokia Siemens Networks, HIITMarkus Hidell-2011-02-012011-06-30